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Conduct Market Research

Evaluate your business model and assess competitive dynamics

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Initiate Business Operations

Secure office space, issue press releases, and develop the company website

Assemble a Professional Team

Hire and educate skilled team members

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Business setup experts in Dubai provide you with a hassle-free process to start your desired company in one of the most promising global environments. Here, you can rely on the experience of the professionals to assist you throughout the process of starting and developing your business. Regardless of whether you want to secure a location in the heart of a busy commercial area or select a suitable area in a free zone, we adapt the process to suit your requirements.

Our team, with some of the most professional business setup experts in Dubai, offers free consultation for business setup on the Dubai mainland and in the Dubai free zone. Also offer PRO services in dubai, visa processing and bank account opening. Knowing the complexity of each sector, they provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge for decision-making. This consists of choosing the right company formation in dubai, managing legal paperwork, and navigating state laws.

In addition, for those interested in economical ways of doing business, we present various ways of engaging in low-risk businesses within Dubai. This makes it possible for more people to be involved in new business setups without qualifying the venture to have low prospects of success. That is why our experts are focused on ensuring that your investment is optimized while your expenses are reduced.

Whether you are a beginner in the UAE or want to take your business setup in uae to a new level, our business setup experts in Dubai will help you enhance your business. With a list of business setup consultants in Dubai, we ensure you establish a solid foundation, are compliant, and are primed for success. Contact us to tackle the concerns that relate to business setup in Dubai and make your dream a reality

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Affordable Business Setup Services in Dubai: Low-Cost Expert Solutions

Mainland Company Formation

AED 18,900
1 Investor Visa
Trade Name & Initial Approval
MOA Drafting & Signing
Trade License Fees
Free Consultation
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Zone Company Formation UAE

AED 5,570
Liccense Fee
Service Charges
Company stamp
Bank Assitance
Memorandum of Association
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free zone Company Formation Dubai

AED 12,900
License Fee
Trade Name & Initial Approval
Secretarial Services
Documentation Fee
Admin Fee
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Forge Successful Partnerships: Collaborating with UAE Government Agencies for Your Business

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Instant Solutions: Quick Answers from Dubai's Top Business Setup Consultants

Checking the legitimacy of the business consultancy is crucial. As a first step, request to see the company license and verify the listed business activities, such as corporate services provider, accounting, tax and compliance, management consultancy, market research, and project management services.

Company Formation Corportate Services Providers (COFOCSP) is one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai that provides corporate services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including company formation, tax consultancy, and wealth management. It also offers services like bank assistance and PRO services at very low rates.

IFZA is a competitive free zone in the UAE, located in the Silicon Oasis Area of Dubai. It provides a wide range of low-cost company formation packages, making it one of the most affordable free zones in the UAE for establishing a business.

The UAE Government amended the federal Commercial Companies Law, granting foreign investors full ownership of specific businesses. This means that foreign investors’ shares will not be limited to a maximum of 49 per cent like before, but can be up to 100 per cent instead.

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Trusted business setup Experts in Dubai offers professional company formation and registration services to help make your entrepreneurial journey as effortless as possible.

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