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Trade License Services in Dubai: Simplify Your Business Setup

Trade license services in Dubai are crucial for any business that intends to transact legally within the United Arab Emirates. Business Setup Experts in Dubai offers the right trade license services in dubai to assist its clients in every aspect of establishing and expanding a business. Our qualified specialists are always concerned about performing the task as fast and effectively as possible.


Why You Should Choose Our Trade License Services in Dubai

We provide the trade license services in Dubai needed for businesses to secure and renew their trade licenses. If you are not sure how to get it or the processes involved, do not worry because we are here to help. Our services allow you to concentrate on the implementation of your business strategies while we work on documents. Key benefits are

Comprehensive Support for Trade License Needs

To cover all your Dubai trade license needs, our team provides you with all the necessary services. We help with the process of: first, we assist with the application; next, trade license checks; and lastly, DED trade license formalities to make sure your business follows all the laws.

How We Assist You with Trade License Services in Dubai

A trade license in Dubai has certain formalities that may be tricky to handle; however, you are in the right place. Our services include consulting, beginning at the conceptual and planning phases and continuing through execution.

When you choose to work with Business Setup Experts in Dubai, you get the most competitive trade license services in Dubai out there.

Frequently Ask Questions

Cost of Trade License in Dubai:

Government Fees Fees in AED

  • Trade License Cost: 11960
  • Foreign Trade Fees: 2000
  • Corporate PRO Services Fees: 6000
  • Total Cost of Trade License 21 395

Different Types of Trade Licenses in Dubai:
There are three main types of trade licenses:

  • Commercial,
  • Professional, 
  • Industrial.
Trade License is only valid for one year, and thus, its Renewal is required.
General trading refers to buying and selling of a variety of products without any specific restrictions, however a trading license in UAE is a specific license that only allows a company to trade in specific goods or categories, such as electronics, textiles, or food products.

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